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DMV Kiosk

DMV Kiosk

Available at all our locations

Take care of tedious tasks you would typically have to visit a DMV office for, such as registration, insurance, tax exemption, driver history printout, and even smog testing, with our self-service DMV kiosk.

Smog Hut is transforming the traditional DMV process to provide customers with a much-needed streamlined transaction. We’re committed to changing how people think about the mandatory visit to their local DMV office by making it easier to access all the administrative processes required for driving.

Working with Smog Hut makes your DMV transaction easy, fast, and convenient—and you never need an appointment. Contact us at (702) 647-1492 to learn more about how our services can help you.

See our DMV Services FAQ Below.

Smog Hut Offers a Full Suite of DMV Services

Smog Hut is dedicated to offering a seamless, self-service DMV kiosk program. With our intuitive software, you can help yourself to a host of DMV services at the click of a button. The transactions Smog Hut’s kiosk program delivers include:

  • Registration renewals
  • Duplicate registration and decals
  • Insurance suspension reinstatement
  • Driver history printout
  • Tax exemptions
  • …and more

Benefits of our DMV Kiosks